Let’s Brand A Business Ep. 2 – Stationery Branding

Hey you made it to episode two! Now that we’ve got our final logo figured out from episode one, we start working on stationery branding. What makes stationery branding exciting, is the fact that it can be physically held and experienced by the customer or client. This affords the designer a realm of new possibilities. Things like: weight, texture, and print colors are all design properties that should be considered. This allows the designer to have a far more engaging experience with the consumer, allowing the brand to create deep connections and brand loyalty.

In this episode, we create stationery branding in the form of a package that holds a letter and a business card. I hope this is a fun insight into the stationery branding process and inspires you to do some branding of your own! Stay tuned for episode 3. 

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