Let’s Brand A Business EP. 1 – Logo Design

Branding a business can be an immensely fun and creative process. Especially, for small business owners looking to give their vision and passion an identity for the first time. Although business branding can be fun, it is often a struggle to find the right identity. The typography ones chooses – the colors, spacing, orientation, sizing can all play significant roles. These elements come together to give voice to the brand message. Sometimes that voice melodiously calls to customers and clients drawing them in. While other times the voice screams, “I’m so unprofessional, I wouldn’t hire myself.”

In this first episode of, “let’s brand a business” we take up the task of creating a logo for the design firm, Gary & Jonas. When branding a business, the logo is often a sign post that guides the designer through the twists and turns of the entire process. I hope you enjoy and here is a link to episode two.

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