How to Make Flat Design Long Shadows

The correct use of a long shadow can make an image or icon pop. The best designers know when and how to incorporate long shadows into their flat designs. In this illustrator tutorial, I’ll be showing you three kinds of flat design long shadows you can use on your next project. After I explain the different kind of long shadows and how to make them, we create a project that incorporates all three of the techniques. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and learn lots from the process. An excellent resource for flat design colors can be found here or for more options go here.

Flat Design Monster – Illustrator Tutorial

Another flat design tutorial using adobe illustrator. In this tutorial we go over the fundamentals of creating a flat design in illustrator. We begin with the pen tool to create basic shapes for the body and head of our monster. Then continue to work with moving shapes from front to back and vice versa. We make use of the minus front tool to create shadows on the body of our flat design monster. Finally, we finish the tutorial by creating a long shadow. Check out my first flat design tutorial where we make a rocket!

Flat Design Tutorial With Illustrator

      Flat design isn’t new by any means. It’s been around for a while and will continue to be around on social media, poplar sites, and blogs like this one. To me, flat design is like acoustic music. Most everyone likes it, no one seems to hate it, and it’s relatively easy to make. With that said, I bring you this flat design tutorial to give all you seasoned designers a little bit of inspiration, and you beginners a little bit of practice. Join me and follow along in the process in this flat design tutorial as we make a nifty rocket! In this tutorial we’ll be using the pen tool, the shape tool, and learning about how to create shadows and how to reflect objects. Oh yes, we can’t forget about the extremely important “minus front” option. One of the key factors to remember about flat design is not to go overboard with detail. Currently it seems like some artists are close to over-doing their designs and leaving the wonderful, simplistic, world of the flat. So don’t go crazy with gradients and shading and try to stick to the basics while keeping it interesting. Good luck everyone and if you liked the tutorial help me out and give it a share, tell all your friends, your grandma, and your cats! OR you could leave a comment 🙂



  1. What is your favorite flat design of all time?

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