Make Your Sketchbook Drawing Digital with Illustrator

In this video we go through the process of taking a pen drawing, done in a sketchbook, and creating a digital version of it using adobe illustrator. The tutorial involves using the pen tool, the line width tool and coloring the piece. I hope you enjoy making your sketches digital, and i’d love to hear what you think!

Comigraphics: every designer needs to know

“What’s a comigraphic?” you might ask. Well it’s an infographic in the form of a comic! It brings all the informational messages you would normally get from an infographic, but presents the information in a more manageable format. Following a storyline like a comic allows the reader, visitor, or user to feel involved and invested in the information. Below is my first comigraphic featuring, “Giggle” my representation of Google. He tells us a few cool facts about himself. But don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself!


Sitting in class a few days ago I thought to myself, “Zim, infographics are cool but they’re kind of boring and hard to follow a lot of times. What if we could tell a story at the same time? What, you mean like a comic? Yes like a comic! We should make an infographic that tells a story like a comic but still throws in the information. Yo man that’s a great idea!”

Unfortunately I’m not the one to coin the term. I did a google search of “comigraphic” after I had thought of the word just to be sure I was being completely original. Alas, someone had already thought of it. Some pretty nifty marketers beat me to the punch it seems, so kudos to those guys! But what’s been done can always be done better!

A message to all marketers and designers: Get out there and start making the spectacular comigraphics that the world deserves. Watch as your information comes to life in an entirely new and intriguing manner. It’s hard enough making raw data mean something to people, make the job easier for you and tell a story. A beautifully drawn out and easy to follow story that pulls at the heart strings and makes customers swoon. Okay i’m being overly dramatic but you get the point. Let’s go! 🙂


  • Had you already heard of the term “Comigraphic” before reading this?

  • What kind of projects would be the best to use comigraphics with?

How to make low poly art of the pope: a video Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to quickly and effectively make an awesome low poly portrait of whoever or whatever you want to use for your next project. I came at it with a different angle than most, choosing to use Flash instead of illustrator or Photoshop for the actual polygon-ing process. With flash’s auto-snapping lines and ease of color filling, it’s ideal for low poly art. Finishing off the project in photoshop allows us to get a “noise” effect that goes far in the low poly art world.



  • What program do you use to make low poly art?

  • Do you think it’s crazy to use flash to make low poly images?

  • What projects or content have you used low poly art for?