Let’s Brand A Business EP. 4 – Behance Project


This is the final episode in the series where we see the culmination of all of our hard work.
We put everything together and design a project for behance! Thanks so much for following along with the series.

you can see the final behance project here.

Let’s Brand A Business Ep. 3 – Web Design

In this episode we create a responsive website design. In order to keep the process short, I only designed the homepage of the design firm. To explain the responsiveness of the website, I designed the homepage layout for desktop as well as mobile. Hopefully you learn a few tips about the design process, and enjoy the adventure! If you’re thinking it would be cool to design websites, I hope this will inspire you to try your hand at creating site design of your own!

Let’s Brand A Business Ep. 2 – Stationery Branding

Hey you made it to episode two! Now that we’ve got our final logo figured out from episode one, we start working on stationery branding. What makes stationery branding exciting, is the fact that it can be physically held and experienced by the customer or client. This affords the designer a realm of new possibilities. Things like: weight, texture, and print colors are all design properties that should be considered. This allows the designer to have a far more engaging experience with the consumer, allowing the brand to create deep connections and brand loyalty.

In this episode, we create stationery branding in the form of a package that holds a letter and a business card. I hope this is a fun insight into the stationery branding process and inspires you to do some branding of your own! Stay tuned for episode 3. 

Let’s Brand A Business EP. 1 – Logo Design

Branding a business can be an immensely fun and creative process. Especially, for small business owners looking to give their vision and passion an identity for the first time. Although business branding can be fun, it is often a struggle to find the right identity. The typography ones chooses – the colors, spacing, orientation, sizing can all play significant roles. These elements come together to give voice to the brand message. Sometimes that voice melodiously calls to customers and clients drawing them in. While other times the voice screams, “I’m so unprofessional, I wouldn’t hire myself.”

In this first episode of, “let’s brand a business” we take up the task of creating a logo for the design firm, Gary & Jonas. When branding a business, the logo is often a sign post that guides the designer through the twists and turns of the entire process. I hope you enjoy and here is a link to episode two.

Poster design tutorial – Illustrator

poster design tutorial

Alternate version with lighter color scheme.

This poster design tutorial primarily makes use of illustrator’s “rotate” tool, to make all the designs duplicate themselves around a circle. It’s a very easy process to figure out and has amazing potential once you get the hang of it. I used illustrator CS6 for

this project, I haven’t found the time to upgrade to creative cloud yet, hopefully i’ll be doing that soon. Follow along with me and please pause the video whenever needed to keep up. You can really help me out by hitting one of those social share buttons below! OR you could leave a comment answering one of the questions.